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About ke Solutions

ke Solutions, Inc offers superior service in website design and website planning. We believe that the virtual world should have a better quality of life, and we encourage that by enabling everybody with a good idea to build a dynamic website quick and inexpensive.

Our main focus is to spread the work about ke and to provide training to web designers who are interested to become part of out keNetwork.

We design web sites that focus on usability and maintainability. This means web sites that are simple to use, easy to navigate, easy to keep up-to-date, and that help the user to find information and products quickly. We work hard to create design that is elegant, timeless and compelling.

As the web moves away from being the "cool new toy" to a tool for information and research, web design must change with it. Web design must support your message, not overwhelm it. Therefore, web design must be done with restraint. Visual toys such as animation and sound must be used only when the content or product warrants it, not simply as useless decoration.

Also, the Web is not television. It is currently an information resource for most users, not an entertainment medium. Therefore, web design must make information easily accessible. That is its core responsibility.

Additionally, e-commerce is about meeting the needs of diverse customers quickly. Simplicity, ease of use and clear navigation are powerful web design tools that enhance the customer experience, and your bottom line as a business owner.